Miro issues a threat to Jim Cornette for insulting AEW star Penelope Ford | Wrestling News

Miro just fired back at Jim Cornette over Cornette’s comments about Penelope Ford.

Cornette said the following on his podcast during his review of AEW Revolution:

“He’s (Miro) being allowed to be himself. He is obviously a complete f**king goof. He has no idea how to get over, no idea what got him over for a little while before in the other company. He does this stupid sh** and obviously is enjoying himself doing it. He was paired with a f**king kid that looks like he’s in middle school and his slutty girlfriend to have a feud with a guy that sticks his hands in his pockets and another guy that looks like he cuts his hair with a pencil sharpener…”

Miro tweeted, “[email protected], if You call Penelope Slut again I’ll come like Gods wrath on you! You understand. I’ll personally drive to Your BASEMENT.”

Miro followed up with another tweet: “People like @TheJimCornette bring not only pro wrestling down, but young women and men get abused and name called for 40 views on YouTube.”

For those of you wondering, it should be clear to everyone that Miro’s comments to Cornette are not an angle.

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