Mike Bennett Traveled Through Blizzard Getting To Indie Show For 14 Fans

Mike Bennett is back on the indie scene after his WWE release last April, and he loves being on the road. He traveled through a blizzard on Sunday night to make it to an indie event, but there weren’t a ton of fans there considering the conditions. That didn’t stop Bennett from making the date.

The former Mike Kanellis tweeted out a video of his entrance at this indie show. There might have only been 14 fans in the crowd, but he still loves pro wrestling and he couldn’t let those fans down.

Another town. Another show. Traveled through a blizzard. Only 14 people in the crowd. Still gotta go. I love this sh*t.

Bennett thanked the fans for coming out after reminding them that there is a huge snow storm outside. He also used an uncensored version of Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” as his entrance music.

Mike Bennett missed spending Valentine’s Day with his wife Maria Kanellis so he could make it to that show. The drive is still there for Bennett as he continues in the pro wrestling world. He is currently with ROH and looking to make the biggest mark that he can. It certainly meant a lot to those 14 fans that he showed up.

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