Mick Foley Has A Blast At Amusement Park

Mick Foley was known in WWE as the Hardcore Legend largely due to some of the hardcore stuff he used to do. Nobody in WWE history has ever put their body on the line as much as Mick Foley has. His dangerous persona made him a huge hit amongst the WWE audience.

However, now that he is retired from professional wrestling, it looks like he is leading a much-deserved laid back lifestyle. Recently, Mick Foley took to Twitter to share a picture of himself at the Holiday World amusement park.

“Thank you @HolidayWorld for a fun, action packed weekend. The park was beautiful with its brilliant Fall Foley-age!”

Mick Foley announced his retirement from in-ring action in 2012 and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017. Throughout the years since his retirement, Mick Foley has made sporadic appearance for the WWE, but he hasn’t stepped back in the ring.

What’s your take on Mick Foley’s fun ride at Holiday World? Sound off in the comments section.

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