Mick Foley Changes Up His Look In A Big Way

Mick Foley has sported several different looks in his career, and he recently changed it up again.

Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy took to Twitter where he announced that his beard has been trimmed. That look he sported during the pandemic, and it got very bushy, was a treat for many fans. Now it has gone away in favor of a more maintained style.


After finishing up my filming with A&E @Biography it seemed like a good time to lose the epic beard…and go back to my natural jet-black color.

His Bio will be out in June, and that should be a lot of fun to watch.

Mick Foley can always grow out his beard again, because that’s what hair does. We’ll have to see how he switches up his look again. He can always wear a fake beard to play Santa Claus.

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