Michael Cole Teases John Cena’s Return During WWE SmackDown

Austin Theory has been getting a pretty good push on Monday Night Raw for the past year now. His antics have been in the thrown of many in the WWE Universe. Now a certain WWE legend’s return might be around the corner.

This past Friday on SmackDown, Theory took on former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre in singles action. A distraction from Otis and Chad Gable of The Alpha Academy led to McIntyre winning the match by disqualification.

During the match, SmackDown announcer Michael Cole had the following to say about Theory. It involves a legendary finisher.

“No doubt Austin Theory is one of most talented we have seen in a while. He could use an Attitude Adjustment though.”

Of course, the Attitude Adjustment is the finishing move of WWE legend John Cena. Michael Cole’s tease is an indication that the latest rumors about a possible match between Cena and Theory at WrestleMania 39 are legit.

A possible rub from Cena on The Grandest Stage Of Them All in a match would do wonders for Theory’s career. The current Mr. Money in the Bank has lots of potentials to be a big star in WWE at the young age of 25.

Do you think Theory and Cena should have a match at Wrestlemania? Sound off in the comments!

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