Mia Yim Gives Closer Look Of Massive Engagement Ring From Keith Lee

Keith Lee popped the question and Mia Yim recently said yes. The two are set to be married, but no date has been officially announced. Mick Foley even threw his hat in the ring to officiate the ceremony. Fans didn’t get a very good look at the ring Lee gave Yim until now.

The Retribution member tweeted out a few photos to give a better look at the ring Keith Lee got her. She was quite proud to show it off.

The only caption she provided said: “He did good. Custom.” It also appears that they got this work done at Verragio, because Mia Yim tagged the company in the post.

We’ll have to see how long this post stays up. Since Mia Yim tagged Verragio, WWE might take exception to this tweet. It’s hard to see why they would have a problem with it, but you never know what can happen when they start changing policies around.

You can check out photos of the ring below. It looks like Keith Lee went all out.


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