Matt Riddle Unable To Score Higher WWE Contract Offer

Matt Riddle signed a new deal with WWE, but there was some negotiating that needed to happen first.

It was initially reported that Matt Riddle was offered a deal from WWE worth $400,000 per year. It was said that he was trying to talk that number up, and there was some question whether he signed the contract.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter has confirmed that Riddle’s deal is a three-year agreement worth $1.2 million. That equals out to match the original reports of $400,000, so the Original Bro wasn’t able to secure a higher offer.

Riddle did officially sign his three-year deal at $1.2 million over the three years. His getting the U.S. title kind of signified it

Riddle was given the United States Title after signing this new deal. Vince McMahon will often show more interest toward Superstars who sign new contracts. Cesaro is another case, and his push might only be starting as well.

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