Matt Hardy Steals Marko Stunt’s Guitar

Marko Stunt was just strumming away backstage when Matt Hardy approached him. This all went down in Sammy Guevara’s latest vlog. It could also play out on AEW television in some fashion.

Matt Hardy wanted to know where Sammy Guevara was looking for money. Marko had $2,000, but that wasn’t enough. So, they took the guitar which cost around $2,000 as well. That seemed to be the payment that Matt Hardy was needing. They also had Marko sign the guitar to raise the value $7.

Marko Stunt was left without a guitar as Big Money Matt continues his mission across the AEW locker room to make as much cash as he can.

You can check out the video below. Matt posted it to Twitter and said that “everyone pays the King Maker Big Money Matt, especially Sammy Guevara and his cronies.”

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