Matt Hardy Says It’s Shocking People Don’t Realize How Successful Pro Wrestling Is

The pro wrestling world is continuously evolving and over the years it has gone through several changes. Matt Hardy has competed in several different eras of wrestling and has no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

Dave Meltzer took to Twitter and pointed out that WWE RAW, AEW Dynamite and WWE SmackDown were all No. 1 on either cable or network TV last week in the 18-49 demographic.

Matt Hardy saw this tweet and replied to it, stating that it’s shocking how people are unaware of how popular pro wrestling is right now. He added that pro wrestling is still “very healthy & extremely profitable.”

It’s shocking how unaware people are of the TV landscape. TV wise, wrestling is very healthy & extremely profitable, especially considering it literally survived a business-killing pandemic. There are a 1000 times more options, on multiple competing platforms, to watch in 2021.

While pro wrestling as a whole might not be as mainstream at it used to be during the Attitude Era, many fans would agree that pro wrestling is still going strong.

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