Maki Itoh Makes Surprise Appearance At AEW Revolution

Maki Itoh was a standout in the Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament. Fans were drawn to her charisma and profanity. Itoh even started a beef with Jim Cornette. She didn’t win the tournament, but she obviously captured attention.

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Britt Baker was set to team with Reba (Rebel) during the Buy-In show. Reba was injured in the storyline, but they found a suitable replacement.

Fans were sad when Maki Itoh was defeated in the first round of AEW’s tournament, but they didn’t have to wait long to see her again. Itoh made her Daily’s Place debut as a big surprise as Britt Baker’s partner.

Maki Itoh’s usual musical entrance didn’t go all that smoothly. There were some issues with the mixing, but we’re not sure how it sounded in Daily’s Place. The fans in Jacksonville seemed to love it.

We’ll have to see how often AEW uses Maki Itoh, but she made a trip to the United States for a reason.

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