Lio Rush Reacts To Bobby Lashley’s New Push In WWE

WWE is giving Bobby Lashley a great push and a title opportunity awaits him next week. We will have to see what WWE does on the road to WrestleMania, but Lio Rush is very happy for the All Mighty.

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Lio Rush was paired up with Lashley for a while as the big man’s mouthpiece. They made a lot of towns together and were a highlight on RAW for a while. Then backstage issues caused Lio Rush to be pulled from the road.

Rush is no longer with WWE, but he is still paying attention to what is going on, especially with Lashley. He tweeted out an enthusiastic message in emojis along with an animated gif showing their time together.

The jury is still out on whether Bobby Lashley will pick up the WWE Title next week, but Lio Rush is obviously rooting for the CEO of the Hurt Business.

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