Legendary WWE Referee Thought Documentary Crew Was Going To Assassinate Him

Canadians are usually easy people to trust, unless millions of them have a beef with you.

Former WWE referee Earl Hebner was a part of the Montreal Screwjob. That moment in WWE history saw Shawn Michaels become WWE Champion without Bret Hart really tapping out to his own Sharpshooter submission hold. Hebner had the timekeeper ring the bell anyway and switch the belt.

Dark Side Of The Ring, a pro wrestling docuseries on Vice, recently spoke to Hebner, but he thought they were there for another reason entirelly.

During Dark Side Of The Ring: Confidential, the series creators, who are Canadian, said that Hebner was afraid that they were coming to extract a longtime grudge and off him mafia style.

“When he heard that we were a bunch of Canadians coming down to interview him about the Montreal Screwjob, there was a thought in his mind that we were Canadians coming down to seek revenge for his involvement in the Montreal Screwjob.”

Hebner then revealed that he had a buddy in the police force, and he was about to call them. “In case a bullet came through the door they could shoot him and not me […] I really didn’t know if this was a setup, or what.”

It was also said that, “there was this vibe that was off with him.” Hebner is a complex character, for sure. He also might have some stories that he’ll take to the grave. One thing we know for sure is that Dark Side Of The Ring only shot the legendary official with their cameras.

Transcription by Thirsty

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