Lacey Evans Reveals She Is Pregnant During WWE RAW

Update: We have an exclusive update on Lacey Evans’ pregnancy. She’s really expecting her second child with husband Alfonso.

Original: Lacey Evans had a big announcement to make during Raw this week. She also couldn’t get physical during her tag team match. The Lady of WWE is pregnant.

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Lacey Evans and Peyton Royce were wrestling Asuka and Charlotte Flair on Raw this week. Evans stayed out of the match until the very end. Then she finally took a tag.

Evans did not get in the ring. Instead, she left and announced that she is with child. Ric Flair was very happy about this news, and he danced around a bit. Charlotte Flair was shocked by this announcement. Then Lacey Evans left.

It is unclear what will happen with Lacey Evans’ match at the Elimination Chamber, but she is pregnant. It’s likely that her Raw Women’s Title shot will have to change.

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