Kyle O’Reilly Suffers Medical Emergency & Stretchered Out After WWE NXT

Kyle O’Reilly received a bit of screen time this week as he sought an answer from Adam Cole. After the show was over, O’Reilly suffered a medical emergency and he was stretchered out of the Capitol Wrestling Center.

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Reports are not 100% clear at this time, but Kyle O’Reilly was stretchered out of the building after suffering a medical emergency. Alex Blanning, who posted several photos of the incident said that this happened after Kyle O’Reilly hit the stairs and, “he was knocked out and the doctor actually had to wake him up.”

Those in attendance said that it appeared to be a seizure, but that has not been confirmed. Our thoughts are with Kyle O’Reilly at this time and we will keep an eye out for an update concerning this ongoing situation.

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