Konnan is out of the hospital | Wrestling News

Konnan was hospitalized due to a kidney issue earlier this week and tested positive for COVID-19.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the former WCW/AAA wrestler had been very cautious because of his weakened immune system regarding COVID-19. In 2007, he had a kidney transplant, which resulted in him having major side effects from anti-rejection drugs.

The good news is that he’s out of the hospital as he was discharged on Thursday and told Meltzer that he was feeling better now but had a bad previous week. “Was very sick last week was bedridden for three days, I got Covid went to hospital and my kidneys were failing.”

Besides his family, he’s been in no contact with anyone aside from the Mysterio family as Dominik is his godson.

He did go to Las Vegas to do the skit on AEW Dynamite featuring The Inner circle. He also attended Impact TV tapings and was recently in Mexico for the AAA tapings.

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