Keith Lee Addresses His Absence From WWE Television

Keith Lee hasn’t been seen on WWE television in quite a while. His disappearance was followed by many rumors, but nothing has been confirmed.

Vince McMahon also included Keith Lee in the group of big men sent to the Performance Center for more training.

Keith Lee took to Twitter and addressed fans concerning his absence from the ring. He couldn’t share much now, but he promised to return.

I hear many of you. I see many of the messages. One day, I will explain it all for the ones true to me.

For now, know that I more than appreciate the continued support.

And WHEN I return, it will be filled with all the love I have for those that represent this #LEEGION

He also followed that up with a second tweet saying: “I miss you guys too. Just know that.”

We’re not sure what is keeping Keith Lee from the ring. Apparently, he will let us know when the time is right. In the meantime we can only wait for his return.

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