Kayla Braxton Shuts Down Twitter Account After Coming Out As Bisexual

Kayla Braxton had a big announcement for fans last night. She took to Twitter and bravely revealed that she is bisexual. The response was apparently enough for her to leave the platform.

Fans who logged into Twitter this morning found that Kayla Braxton has deactivated her Twitter account. This came hours after she made the revelation that she is bisexual.

This isn’t the first time that Braxton has deactivated her Twitter account. Following her second positive COVID-19 test, Braxton took a break. She also left the platform for short stints in the past prior to that.

We’ll have to see how long of a break Kayla Braxton needs from Twitter this time around. Hopefully, she will be able to return and carry on with promoting The Bump and posting humorous tweets as usual very soon.

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