Kayla Braxton Misses The Bump After Dropping Cryptic Message

Kayla Braxton is host of WWE The Bump, but she missed the show this week. We’re not sure what is going on, but Braxton needs to isolate for some reason.

Braxton posted an Instagram story that said: “Some of us isolate to recharge. Not everyone will get that.” This was followed by her missing The Bump the next day.

McKenzie Mitchell filled in to host The Bump this week. She didn’t go into Kayla Braxton’s whereabouts, only that she was “filling in” today. No reason was given to explain Kayla’s absence.

Hopefully, Kayla Braxton is getting a little refresher and she will come back to SmackDown and not miss a step. In the meantime, the show had to go on without her this week.

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