Jon Moxley Would Have Loved To Wrestle WWE NXT Superstar

Jon Moxley has been able to scrap with some of the best in the world. and his current deal with AEW allows him to work Bloodsport and NJPW events where he is given a much wider selection. Anyone on the WWE roster is still off limits.

While speaking to Wrestling Observer Radio, Jon Moxley brought up Timothy Thatcher briefly. He would have loved an opportunity to work with him, but that didn’t pan out.

“Timothy Thatcher is a guy I would have liked to get in the ring with. He obviously went to WWE, good for him, good luck to him, but I would have obviously got in the ring with him.”

We’ll have to see if the cards are ever dealt that would allow Moxley and Thatcher to meet in the squared circle. This could be an interesting match, but it’s not going to happen as long as company lines separate them.

Transcription by Ringside News

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