John Cena Breakup Made Nikki Bella’s Last Run In WWE ‘Difficult’

Nikki Bella isn’t saying no to a WWE return, but she wants to have it on her terms. The last time she was with WWE didn’t feel right due to her recent split with 16x World Champion John Cena.

During Bella Twins Podcast, Nikki Bella discussed her desire to make a return to the ring. The issue is with the fact that she is also feeling pressure to give Matteo a sibling. Artem also wants a baby girl. Nikki doesn’t want her children to be too far apart in age either. That must be a twin thing.

Bella also expressed the feeling that her last run, where she worked with Ronda Rousey, was soiled in a way due to her fresh breakup.

“I, at least, want to do that one last run. I know I put the effort that I had and the desire and the passion I used to have put back in that run [with WWE]. I feel like, for me now it would be different; because when I went back for that run with Ronda [Rousey] it was just a really difficult time for me because of the breakup [with John Cena] and it was just a hard time being back there so quick.”

“So, I wanna go back and have that last run be everything want it to be.”

Bella said that she wants a full WWE return, and she wants the kind of run she envisioned, but that would mean baby #2 will have to possibly wait until 2023 for Nikki and Artem. Stay tuned.

Transcription by Thirsty

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