Jim Ross on John Laurinaitis: ‘his ass is without a job and he deserves the Goddamn misery that he’s living’

This week’s “Grilling JR” podcast is up on AdFreeShows.com. Ross gave an update on his health:

“I’ve been going to my wound doctor, wound care specialist, every Tuesday morning which I’m really beginning to dread because it’s a painful, frigging ordeal. He takes a scaffold, goes into that wound, and starts scraping dead material. To say it didn’t hurt is wrong. It’s a lie. It does hurt, but we’re cleaning it out, keeping it rolling, and healing. So I guess at the end of the day, that’s the way it is and JR just can’t be a little sissy and worry about having a little pain. I’ve been in a little pain since last November, a year now. It’s been a year since I got diagnosed. It was this time last year that I started 22 radiation treatments. So it’s been a very interesting year to say the least, but progress is being made and that’s all that matters.”

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