Jim Ross comments on The Acclaimed winning the AEW World Tag Titles, Saraya’s debut, JR had no idea about The Great Muta being on Rampage

On the latest Grilling JR podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross gave his thoughts on AEW Grand Slam:

Ross noted that he had no idea that The Great Muta would be on the show. He said, “I had no idea he was even gonna be there. So that’s good for me. I love those surprises. It was great seeing Muta. He really got his career launched there in WCW back in the day. Good thinking outside the box by Tony Kahn, I thought, to get those guys. It was quite the list of add ons.”

On Saraya’s AEW debut:

Paige, Saraya, I’m assuming she’s going to be healthy enough to wrestle. I don’t know. I’m assuming she is. So we’ll see. She’s a positive addition if so. So it’s good for the women’s division, I think. She was a good hand and still is a good hand. I’m hoping that she’s healthy enough to go.”

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