Jerry Lawler Is Reminded Of Nia Jax’s Hole Today & She Responds

Nia Jax has received a lot of attention in the last week, thanks to her hole. Replays of her exclaiming: “my hole!” have flooded WWE programming and social media. It doesn’t seem like anyone is going to stop bringing it up either.

Jerry Lawler even got in on the hole fun today. He posted a photo of the Memphis sky, complete with a hole in the clouds. This made him think of the Irresistible Force and her hole issue.

Saw this hole in a cloud today in Memphis and immediately thought of @NiaJaxWWE

Nia Jax replied saying: “Looks like it’s winking.” At least she’s able to continue having fun with the subject. She wasn’t too happy about this subject getting rehashed on RAW Talk as she stormed off the set.

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