Jeff Hardy’s Current WWE Contract Status

Jeff Hardy hasn’t been seen on RAW much in recent memory. He was on the show this week where he lost to Jinder Mahal. Hardy has also appeared on Main Event in recent memory, but what’s going on with his contract?

Some fans are under the idea that Hardy’s WWE deal might be coming to an end because of how he’s being used. According to PW Insider, that is not the case at all. In fact, Hardy reportedly still has “a good chunk of time” left in Vince McMahon’s company.

*We are told by a WWE source that Hardy still has “a good chunk of time left on his deal” as he acknowledged last year that he had signed a new deal.  At the time, PWInsider.com was told that new deal was in the 2-3 year range,

It looks like Jeff Hardy has another two to three years left in WWE. Hopefully, his booking improves or it won’t be that hard of a decision to seek out other opportunities when the time comes to talk about a new contract.

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