Jeff Hardy Says AEW Is More ‘Open Minded’

AEW is a much different company from WWE. Vince McMahon is a perfectionist and he holds everyone around him to that standard. Tony Khan is a bit more lax and he recently turned a huge explosion dud into an angle.

ESPN West Palm recently had Jeff Hardy on the show as a guest. He was asked about what his brother is doing in AEW, and the Charismatic Enigma really didn’t have anything bad to say about AEW. He did comment on how the two companies are operated in much different ways.

“It’s really cool. Matt is in AEW and before the pandemic hit, their crowds were incredibly on fire. It’s so exciting watching, they are very different than WWE. I don’t know how to explain it, but I think they are more open-minded, WWE is kind of set in their ways. This has changed many times over the years, especially since the Attitude era, it’s way different.”

“Thank God, we don’t hit each other in the head with chairs anymore, I worry about that, and try not to future trip too much. It’s a lot safer now but you can still get hurt at any point.”

Matt Hardy promised that he will hold tag team gold with his brother again. We will have to see what company houses that title reign. Things have changed a lot, but the Hardy Boyz could still have a return run in them.

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