Jason Jordan’s Wife Says She’s Received ‘Dozens Of Names’ Alleging Infidelity

Jason Jordan’s wife recently posted on Instagram to call out her husband for cheating. They were married in 2017, but one woman claimed to be in a relationship with Jordan from 2015, eventually having an abortion in 2018.

Jordan’s wife commented on her Instagram post to say that she’s received “dozens” of names, videos, and photos. It’s too much to take at this point, and that might have led to her going public about this.

I don’t know if people feel like they are helping but when I have received dozens of names, messages, pictures, and videos it’s just too much. I am only human and I really just can’t take anymore.

Our thoughts go out to April Everhart as she deals with this terrible situation. We have heard one side of the story, and there could be plenty more to come forward from the sound of things. As of this writing, Jason Jordan has not gone public about this matter.

We will continue monitoring this story here at Ringside News.

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