IYO SKY Retains Against Asuka; Dawn & Fyre Cursed Tag Team Titles – Diva Dirt

On the Sept. 22 episode of SmackDown, fans finally got to witness IYO SKY and Asuka go one-on-one. SKY had her WWE Women’s Title on the line and the match did not disappoint.

The back half of the bout had Asuka doing everything she could to submit or put to sleep SKY. The match received a good bit of time (nearly 20 minutes) but with the rest of Damage CTRL and Charlotte Flair at ringside it was only inevitable for them to get involved.

The match reached its conclusion when Bayley put SKY’s foot on the rope. This caused Flair to go after Bayley. SKY took advantage of the help as she hit Asuka with a Meteora to the back of the head followed by the Over the Moonsault to win and retain.

From this we will be getting Flair vs. Bayley next week.

Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre are finally remembered as they had a vignette air. In it shows the fallen competitors who had won the tag team titles and subsequently went out with injuries. They took responsibility for the curse of the tag team titles.

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