Identity Of Sami Zayn’s Personal Cameraman Revealed

Sami Zayn has been followed around by a documentary film crew for a few weeks. We’re not sure when the movie will finally be released that they’re shooting, but they have continued to record footage.

One of the members of Zayn’s crew has been identified. This week “The Apostle” Andrew Steele was spotted with the former IC Champion. Steele started out with NXT in 2017 as an intern, and then he locked down a job with the company.

The Apostle made his pro wrestling debut in 2003 where he worked in Delaware and in Florida as well. He then suffered a career-ending neck injury in 2015.

It appears that Sami Zayn’s camera crew, at least one member of the team, will not be taking bumps. As of this writing, no Superstars have assaulted Sami Zayn’s documentary crew yet. We also have no debut date for when they will release the film they’ve been working on for him.

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