Heath Slater Gets His Step Back On Crutches After Surgery In New Video

Heath Slater had quite a procedure done. He needed multiple things corrected and Slater had to find someone who could do them all at once.

Prior to surgery, Heath wrote: “I have a sports hernia on the left side of my pubic bone, another hernia on the right side that I don’t even know the name of it. My abductor muscle is actually ripped off the bone, has to get resutured and I have a rip in my abdomen wall on both sides so, little bit of a mess.”

Now Heath is on the road to recovery. It might not be an easy one, but the Impact Wrestling star updated fans with a new video to show some of his first steps on the way back to action.

This sucks baby!! But I look pretty good in the yellow @HulkHogan socks.

We’re wishing Heath the best as he gets back to 100% once again. The surgery is over and now he is on the mend. At this time there is no timetable for his return, but he isn’t letting this stop him from carrying on his career after WWE.

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