Freddie Prinze Jr offers advice for AEW’s Tony Khan, why there’s no need to rip on WWE

This week on the “Wrestling with Freddie” podcast, Freddie Prinze Jr. discussed the AEW Grand Slam shows, including Saraya’s debut on AEW Dynamite. Here are some highlights:

Freddie Prinze Jr talking about Saraya debuting in AEW:

“If you don’t know who this woman is, she has lived a life with more experiences than all of us combined. She has been wrestling since she was 13 or 14 years old. Her family life was insane. It was basically like growing up in a carnival. She has dealt with crazy stuff, both good and bad. Some were her choices, some were not her choice, but for her to go through all of the things she has gone through and walk out on that stage, she looked phenomenal. She looked in great shape. She looked excited, happy, not burnt out. She’s living in the moment and no one knew, not even the wrestlers in the ring knew that she was making her debut. I know this for a fact.”

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