Footage of Kyle O’Reilly being stretchered out after WWE NXT went off the air | Wrestling News

WWE has posted the post-show footage of Kyle O’Reilly being stretchered after NXT went off the air this week.

After the show, word spread online that O’Reilly suffered a seizure after taking a brainbuster on the steel steps from Adam Cole. There was legitimate concern from fans in the building because they thought that it was a legitimate medical emergency but it turns out that a couple of fans simply jumped to conclusions and O’Reilly did not have a seizure and there was no intention to make it look like he was having a seizure.

The footage below is all part of the storyline and it shows O’Reilly being put on a stretcher after the attack from Cole.

Based on how things are playing out, it looks like O’Reilly may be off TV for a while to sell the attack from Cole.

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