Fans Crush Goal For Jocephus’ GoFundMe Campaign

The world lost Joseph Hudson this week due to an undiagnosed medical issue. Our hearts are with his family, and the pro wrestling community stepped up in a big way to support them.

A GoFundMe account has been started for the family of Question Mark, better known as Jocephus. As of this writing, donations have crushed the $15,000 goal and are over $22,000. His family can obviously use as much help as they can get. The pro wrestling world is already rallying behind this cause as the GoFundMe  page has only been up for 15 hours.

You can find the description of the campaign below:

This is a memorial fund for Joseph “Jocephus” Hudson for his burial and medical expenses.   Joseph passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on February 24th.  Funds collected above and beyond the goal will go into a trust fund for his 10 year old son.  Joseph was best known as Jocephus and  The Question Mark in the National Wrestling Alliance but he was so many other things.  He was an actor, writer, filmmaker, musician, teacher and, above all, a father.  

Joseph was one of a kind and made a positive impression on everyone that he met.  He leaves behind his son, mother, three brothers, two nieces and so many friends and loved ones who he would also consider family.

We are thankful to see that Joseph was so loved through the outpouring of support from his mentors, friends, and the wrestling community as a whole.

Cody Hall donated $1,000 along with Victor Deaton, Sheri Shaw, and Matt & Skye Powers. Cody Rhodes and Dave Lagana both donated $500 to the fund. Another $1,000 donation remains anonymous. Jimmy’s Famous Seafood, a popular eatery within the pro wrestling community, also donated $500. You can check out some of the top donations below.

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