Fan Video Shows Hulk Hogan Getting Tons Of Boos From WrestleMania Live Crowd

Hulk Hogan and Titus O’Neil kicked off WrestleMania’s first night as the event’s co-hosts. The live Tampa crowd was all about Titus, but Hulk Hogan got a lot of boos that didn’t make television.

Fan footage from the WrestleMania crowd proves that Hulk Hogan received a lot of boos when he started talking. These boos followed a big pop for Titus.

We’ll have to see how the WrestleMania crowd reacts to Hulk Hogan tonight. The crowd boos were not heard during the WrestleMania broadcast. They might have to avoid letting them be heard tonight.

WrestleMania’s second night will kickoff at 7:00 PM with the main show beginning at 8:00 PM EST. Hogan and O’Neil might open the show yet again.

We’ll have to see if they can operate without a delay because electrical storms are still hitting Tampa hard.

You can check out the footage below.

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