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Redditor XxSpruceMoosexX claims he found a custom suit jacket that was worn by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon while shopping at a thrift store in Florida. It was only $45 so the fan bought it.

The custom jacket was originally purchased by the WWE boss from luxury clothing boutique Richard’s in Greenwich, which retails for over $2000 as it’s designed by Italian designer Ermenegildo Zegna. The fan wrote the following:

“I think it’s the same jacket he’s wearing in that photo. For reference I’m 5’11, 185 and I look like a child in it. Just sharing because it’s one of the cooler thrift store finds I’ve had. Happy hunting.$45 I paid lol funny enough I found Steve Harvey’s suit a few months back. Much cheaper quality than Vince haha

Haha I wish it fit! This is a custom made piece that was originally a 64 L. For reference I’m usually a very slim 52R or a 50R. The chest is absolutely massive and the shoulders are very padded. I need to a eat a ton of Wheaties to fill this out. Hey sorry don’t want to say exactly where but Florida, thrift store and it was $45.”

McMahon wore the jacket during the April 24, 2020 edition of Friday Night SmackDown. At the time, WWE did a special Triple H celebration episode that ended with “The Game” sharing the ring with his good friend, Shawn Michaels, and later McMahon came out for a promo, as seen below:

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