Eric Bischoff Has No Desire For Pro Wrestling Return

Eric Bischoff was behind some historic moments in pro wrestling, but he doesn’t want to make a return to the business.

While speaking to Wrestle Zone, Eric Bischoff expressed the desire to stay out of the pro wrestling business. He does not want to make a return, but he is grateful for everything that the business has given him.

“I have no desire or interest on a day-to-day basis on getting back in the wrestling business, not because I don’t respect it. I can’t express how grateful I am for what I’ve been able to experience as a result of the industry, but I’ve been there and I’ve done that and it’s in my rearview now and I respect it and I like to put my toe in the water every once in a while. But if I had to go every single week, ehh, not so much because it’s not new enough for me.”

Eric Bischoff can remain out of the business while commentating on it through his podcast. That seems to be a winning solution for him right now. We’ll have to see if he ever returns to a pro wrestling company, but he seems happy doing his thing and appearing for AEW every so often as a special guest during some sort of Q&A segment.

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