Eddie Kingston Reveals Interesting Reason Why He Talks So Much Smack

Eddie Kingston arrived in AEW and he immediately got to work on the microphone. Many contribute his passionate promo following his Dynamite debut to what got him a contract in the first place. There is a reason he talks so much “sh*t.”

Kingston saw a promo online that AEW posted of him talking smack to the Young Bucks. Eddie Kingston then opened up and admitted why he talks so much crap. He does this because that’s all he sees and he’s trying every day not to be “sh*t” himself.

I talk sh*t because all I see is sh*t and at the end of the day I’m trying not to be sh*t.

Eddie Kingston is ready to take on whatever challenge is ahead of him in AEW. He is currently aligned with Jon Moxley and gunning at the Young Bucks. This storyline could see a very interesting destination for Kingston after all that “sh*t talking” is done.

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