Dylan Bostic Reveals Threatening Message From Joey Janela

Joey Janela is a polarizing figure in pro wrestling. AEW’s Bad Boy has already wished “maybe death” on his haters, and he’s certainly not a fan of indie wrestler Dylan Bostic for some reason.

Dylan Bostic tweeted out a screenshot showing a direct message conversation with Joey Janela. The caption included a challenge to fight Janela in either boxing or MMA. He seems to mean business.

I challenge Joey Janela to fight me in either boxing or mma, his choice. Man up or shut up! #AEWDynamite

This DM revealed by Bostic showed Janela saying: “You’re a p*ssy dude, on sight I’m gonna blast you. But you don’t get booked anywhere so I’ll never see you Unforatnely.”

We’ve reached out to Dylan Bostic and he is 100% serious about this MMA or boxing challenge.

As of this writing, Janela has not responded to Bostic’s tweet. He is dealing with his own issues. His car literally fell apart last night while on his way to Jacksonville, Florida for AEW’s television tapings.

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