Drew McIntyre Reveals Who Would Induct Him Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

Drew McIntyre is certainly one of the top Superstars in WWE, and he clearly loves his job a lot. He is also a beloved talent who does whatever the company asks of him.

Drew McIntyre has worked hard to transform himself and returned to WWE back in 2017. He has certainly accomplished a lot both in NXT as well as on the main roster. He is definitely a future WWE Hall Of Famer.

While speaking on the Hollywood Raw podcast, Drew McIntyre revealed that he wants Sheamus to induct him into the WWE Hall Of Fame in the future.

“Not Shatner, like Jerry Lawler did. It’s going end up being Sheamus, isn’t it? He’s been there since before we both got signed. The good times, bad times. I’m the best man at his wedding coming up, he was the best man at my wedding. We give each other hell all the time, as everybody sees. We fight more than me and my actual brother and people get to see it on TV, as well as backstage, that they don’t get to see. It’s gotta be Sheamus. I’d be nervous. God, do I want him to do it with all the things he knows?”

Sheamus and McIntyre have shared the ring for many battles throughout the years. We will have to wait and see whether McIntyre will truly get inducted by Sheamus or not.

What’s your take on this choice? Sound off in the comments!

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