Darby Allin Did Most Of The Creative ‘Heavy Lifting’ In AEW Revolution Street Fight

Sting made his in-ring debut at AEW Revolution. That match with Darby Allin against Brian Cage and Ricky Starks was quite a cinematic undertaking. The TNT Champion Darby Allin also deserves a lot of the credit.

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During the media scrum following AEW Revolution, Tony Khan gave Darby Allin a ton of credit for putting that street fight together. He then said that there are many differences between the two of them, but he knows when Allin has a cool idea.

“This was the perfect match for Sting. I had been planning this cinematic match for several months from when [Sting] and I first started talking about Sting debuting in AEW in late 2020.”

“When I told Darby about this, he and I started planning it out and I gave him the basics of it, the finish, and some key stuff, but he really did the heavy lifting on planning shots and storyboarding this thing. He’s a great visionary. That’s what I always say the great connections in wrestling when you really see the great creative partnerships. When there’s somebody like that who’s a great star and is a visionary, and is a great star and has a plan, and what I can do as a booker and promoter and TV producer is not just share the resources, but share a vision with him. It’s like I’m saying there’s not a personal life that I have less in common with than I do with Darby in real life, but I know when he’s got something that’s cool and he’s often got really really cool ideas and I really like collaborating with him.”

Tony Khan also praised Sting for really bringing that performance at Revolution. Darby Allin also deserves a ton of credit for helping put everything together in that cinematic match.

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