Conor McGregor Deletes Obscene Tweet Aimed At Khabib

Conor McGregor just laid out quite a bold tweet, but then he smashed that delete key before things got too spicy.

The UFC megastar jumped on Twitter and posted a profanity-filled tweet aimed at Khabib. They fought in October 2018 at UFC 229 and Khabib won that fight with a fourth-round submission. Conor has yet to tap out on Twitter.

The beef between those two is far from over. Conor McGregor made sure of that when he sent out this tweet on Friday night. Notorious also included a photo of the two of them in the cage.

“I wasn’t holding his shorts! I was ramming my fingers up his homophobic ass. And just look at this happy face here. He loves it. He’s a fingers in the booty ass bitch.”

Conor McGregor deleted that tweet about Khabib loving his fingers up his bum. That might have been a good move. The better move would have been to never tweet that out in the first place. Perhaps, Conor McGregor is having a bit too much fun on Twitter.

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