Company With No WWE Ties Registers Trademark For ‘World Wrestling Federation’

WWE was known as the WWF until they got the F out, but that old name might be useful for another company.

Demperio Sports & Entertainment, LLC filed a trademark for World Wrestling Federation in December 2020, and it has nothing to do with Vince McMahon’s company.

The trademark states that they plan to present “wrestling contests” and the remaining portion of the filing falls in line with typical pro wrestling trademarks. It is listed under the “entertainment services” category.

As of this writing, the December 20th, 2020 filing has not been reviewed by the trademark examiner. It can still be rejected or accepted. It seems very likely that WWE will fight this trademark from being accepted because it could cause confusion with fans.

Demperio Sports & Entertainment, LLC also owns trademarks for Pats Albany Patroons and CBA Continental Basketball Association.

WWE had to drop the F from their name due to issues with the World Wildlife Fund. They gave a public reason for the name change because the company was branching into other avenues of entrainment, which was true at the time.

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