Colt Cabana being pulled from AEW TV is a big reason for heat between CM Punk and Hangman Page

As previously noted, there is a lot of backstage drama going on in AEW and Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that things seem to be getting worse.

Tony Schiavone noted on his podcast that he and others recently got promotions so that they could help out with various things backstage. So perhaps, things will start to cool down but things seemed to get really bad this week with Punk and Hangman Page.

Meltzer noted in the Observer that there’s a ton of backstage drama that involves many of the top guys in the company. It was also noted that the big thing that started the drama is that Colt Cabana is no longer in Dark Order and there was no angle to explain why he was pulled from the group. Cabana is no longer being brought to TV and he was going to get cut but then Khan signed him to work in ROH.

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