CM Punk Reveals He Recently Wrestled A Match

CM Punk hasn’t wrestled in a WWE ring in a very long time. That doesn’t mean he’s not getting in the squared circle and taking bumps.

We recently reported that CM Punk took some weak spinebusters from a James Harrison. He wasn’t happy about that and it led many to wonder what Punk was up to.

During a recent Twitter Q&A, CM Punk was asked if he still considers himself the Best In The World. That drew a very interesting reply from CM Punk. Apparently, he is still getting in the ring and wrestling.

I haven’t wrestled in like, 24 hours. Hard to say.

We’ll have to see if CM Punk ever decides to wrestle in front of people again. If and when that day comes it will certainly be a big deal for many pro wrestling fans. The big question is where he might show up to wrestle that match, or if he’s even interested.

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