Chelsea Green Wants To Model For Playboy Magazine

Chelsea Green was released from WWE on April 15th, but she has plenty of goals for herself. Some of those aspirations don’t even include pro wrestling, because Chelsea Green is interested in getting into a very particular kind of modeling.

While talking to Metro, Chelsea Green opened up about another desire she has for herself. She wants to model for Playboy. Right now Green is trying to make that work as she gains contacts.

‘I have a bucket list of things I wanna do… Definitely I wanna be killed in a horror movie. I’ve always wanted that, I always found it so hilarious where you see the girl running and they always trip and fall, and then they get killed.

‘It’s just how it works! So I wanna be that girl. Right now, I’m trying to work at making contacts in Playboy to hopefully do that.’

One would think that Chelsea Green won’t have much trouble getting into Playboy. The famous adult magazine is still pretty selective. We’re willing to bet that enough fans will let Playboy know about it on social media once this story starts circulating.

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