Chelsea Green Tells Hilarious Daniel Bryan Story

Daniel Bryan was wrestled all over the world, and he’s also sported several different looks. This can be confusing for some people, especially since WWE changed up his name when he signed with them.

Chelsea Green revealed a pretty funny story that she recently experienced with her own mother. Apparently, Green’s mother was watching some old ROH footage, and Bryan Danielson was on the screen. If she didn’t know any better it looked like Daniel Bryan’s twin.

My mum just called to tell me that Ring of Honor is on TV and “There’s a guy named BRYAN DANIELSON. He looks just like @WWEDanielBryan but without the beard!!”

There are plenty of stories like this in pro wrestling. One of the greatest is Vince McMahon not realizing that Luke Gallows and Festus were the same person. We’re going to give Chelsea Green’s mother a pass on this one.

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