Carlito Says WWE Superstars Were Crazy Before Wellness Policy

WWE has a very strict Wellness Policy, but they haven’t popped anyone for violating that test since Samoa Joe over a year ago. There was a time when WWE didn’t have a Wellness Policy and Superstars were taking a lot of substances that wouldn’t be approved now.

Carlito was around during the days prior to WWE’s current Wellness Policy. He spoke to After The Bell recently and opened up a little bit about how crazy some of the Superstars got back in the day. Now they seem to be making much wiser decisions.

“I feel like the guys are smarter now. It seems like they’re getting taken care of now. The wellness policy is another good idea, we were crazier back in those days and I think it’s a good thing to have that under control. Make sure everyone is on the up and up and taking care of themselves. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemies.”

WWE doesn’t have Wellness Policy failures much anymore. Samoa Joe was popped in February, 2020, and Andrade failed before him. There has also been some thought that WWE times suspensions from failing a Wellness Policy exam so it doesn’t directly conflict with a television storyline. This policy is better than what they had so many years ago, because at least there is a system in place.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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