Carlito Reveals Why WWE Pulled Him From Legends Night

Carlito was advertised for WWE Legends night in January, but they pulled that appearance. Some fans were left wondering what happened, but now Carlito is explaining the situation.

While speaking to Wrestling Inc, Carlito revealed that he was pulled from the Legends Night appearance because WWE already had their eye on him to appear in the Royal Rumble. That trade-off seemed to work out very well for everyone involved.

“I was originally supposed to go for Legends Night, then it got canceled, and then it turned out they had a better idea. They said, ‘Why use you on Legends Night when we can bring you out for the Rumble?’ To me, it made more sense. I preferred that. It was a great idea.”

Carlito worked the RAW after the Royal Rumble and he hasn’t been seen since. There was also a report that he had a tryout as a WWE Producer. We haven’t heard anything new about that, but the door seems to be open between the two sides as Carlito received glowing reviews during his short WWE return.

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