Cameron Grimes Shuts Down Virgil’s Request To Be His Manager In WWE NXT

Cameron Grimes went full Million Dollar Man this week on WWE NXT. He did a parody of the famous basketball dribbling bit, and it was met with a good reaction. He also received attention from Virgil in the process.

Virgil tweeted out a PhotoShopped image of himself standing behind Cameron Grimes. He liked the look of that pairing as he tweeted out saying: “The newest hottest combo since the pasta and salad at OG @CGrimesWWE.”

Cameron Grimes might not be interested in the partnership. The last we heard from Virgil, he put out a Cameo commercial while exposing himself. Grimes tweeted out a response that seemed to indicate that he will pass on the idea.

Sorry @TheRealVirgil but you can blame that no good @MDMTedDiBiase for not getting any of my cheddar! #KissMyGRITS

Cameron Grimes is having a lot of fun with his gimmick right now. The real man made a killing betting on Game Stock stonk, but he’s really not as loaded as portrayed on television. He’s certainly doing well for himself, and Virgil is more than open to joining the angle if they need him.

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