Brian Hebner says Impact Wrestling has been shopping their show to other networks

During his latest podcast, Referee Brian Hebner talked about Impact Wrestling‘s TV situation. Hebner said he feels Impact Wrestling has to get on a bigger network in order to grow and he revealed that Impact has been shopping their show to other networks.

Hebner said, “To me, it’s about numbers. Numbers don’t lie, and until they figure a way to get on a bigger network, and I understand that they’re on the network of AXS TV, which is actually the owner of Impact Wrestling.”

“The last I heard when I was leaving, or retiring, however you want to put it, I knew that there was some shopping of networks going on at that point in time and they’re probably still is as we speak, But I do think if there’s a bigger network, and they can be bigger as far as numbers, weekly, I think they would be in that conversation that you’re asking about because the fact is this. If AEW is as close to WWE as Impact could be as close to AEW in that same form, I think we’re talking totally differently at this point right now and this conversation is not even brought up. I think they do a hell of a job on AXS TV and I think they do pretty decent numbers for the size of that network. So to me, it’s about the numbers, man. It’s not about the quality of work. That’s for fuc*ing sure.”

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