Braun Strowman’s social media comments being used in WWE SmackDown storyline

The social media comments from Braun Strowman that drew heat from fans and fellow wrestlers will be used on WWE Friday Night SmackDown for his storyline.

Strowman and Ricochet faced off in a backstage segment to hype their match in the World Cup tournament. Ricochet mentioned the “flippy flippers” line that he used on social media.

The line got a response from many fans and some wrestlers and Fightful reported that while Strowman has been on his best behavior backstage, “social media Braun” is another story and WWE management is aware of it. The Fightful story noted that none of what Strowman said on Twitter was part of a storyline or an angle but it was suggested that he could be ribbed or the line could be referenced on commentary.

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